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Sustainably harvested in New Zealand
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We make customised barn doors, in your choice of timber, finish and design.

Fine timbers

At MacBlack we love beautiful timber! We specialise in alternative timbers to Pine. This includes both softwoods (such as Macrocarpa, Redwood etc) and hardwoods (such as Blackwood, Silver Wattle, Poplar, Elm, Eucalypts etc). New Zealand grown timbers can be of the highest quality and we like to promote their use whenever possible.

People like wood! It is a natural product that is nice to look at, walk on and touch. Wood finishes in a building can add warmth and class, and will break the monotony of plaster and paint.

Sustainably Harvested

We mill most of our timber using a Lucas portable mill. Timber is sourced from our own sustainably managed forest on the bank of the Whanganui River, or from shelter belts and woodlots on farms. This type of low impact harvesting reduces the environmental effects of clear-felling and transporting logs. It also allows us to recover good timber that would otherwise be cut up for firewood or left to rot. 

Tailored for Your Project

Timber is incredibly versatile and can give a high finish for reasonable cost. We can advise on solutions and supply to your needs whether it is for clears for a pure clean look, or for character with knots. We have a range of species in stock or that can be kiln-finished and profiled to your specifications. We also have a large supply of sawn timber available for framing, decking and fencing. 

We fillet stack and air dry our timber under covers to reduce wastage and produce a better product. Our aim is for timber to go to its highest end use so we put time into sorting and grading, and are constantly searching for the best use for every board.

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We are happy to advise you on your timber options and provide free quotations for your projects