Barn Doors

Barn doors are very popular at the moment and are our highest selling product. These doors can be side hung or hung from above as a slider. For exterior use we will use waterproof glues and galvanised brads.

Our standard construction method is simple and is designed to reflect basic barn doors made by pioneers. They are made from 19mm thick TGV (tongue, groove and “V”) panelling with either narrow side edge pieces at right angles to the panelling, or wide side boards flat on the panelling. This design is suitable for interior doors up to 1100mm wide in situations not exposed to temperature extremes.

Generally, there is a choice of the panelling being 85mm or 130mm thick. There is also a choice of parallel “Z” diagonals, arrow diagonals, or no diagonals. See examples of the different styles below.

For wider doors we use a thicker board (40-45mm) on the sides, top and bottom with rebates that the panelling sits into. This method is slightly more expensive but creates a stiffer door that will resist twisting.

Price guide:
1900H x 800W – $400-500
2200H x 1000W – $500-600
2400H x 1200W – $700-800

 Standard barn door with narrow side edges and Z pattern diagonals. Danish oil finish

Pair of poplar doors with wide side pieces and arrow diagonals

Detail of narrow edge on oiled redwood door

 Pair of rustic doors, circular saw pattern

Detail of bandsawn finish, ship-lap panelling

Large poplar door with solid edge frame

Bespoke narrow macrocarpa doors

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