Our Timber

Our timber is sustainably harvested from our forest in Whanganui or from shelterbelts and woodlots on farms.

Macrocarpa – Cupressus macrocarpa

A low to medium-density softwood that looks and works like kauri. The heartwood is golden brown, has a fine grain and machines and sands well to give a high-quality finish. It is a cypress so it also smells nice. 

Macrocarpa is naturally durable, equivalent to H3.1 treated, which means it is a great alternative to chemically treated wood. It can be used for framing and for exterior off-the-ground uses such as cladding, fencing and decking.

Availability – plenty of most sizes and grades.

Siver Wattle – Acacia dealbata

A highly decorative hardwood with a range of colours from brown to red. It also often has an interesting slivery sheen. Silver wattle can be used for interior joinery, panelling and flooring.

Availability – medium stocks of flooring/panelling grade and some clears for fine joinery

Elm (English) – Ulmus procera

This is another medium to dark brown coloured hardwood that is quite dense and hard-wearing. It has an attractive figured grain. Ideal for flooring or joinery (see pictures of shelves and bannister rails). Traditionally used for furniture. It can be harder to work than softer timbers but can finish beautifully and is very tough. 

Availability – reasonable stocks of joinery grade


Poplar a very useful and attractive timber. It is strong for its weight, is resistant to splintering, and if well-grown can be free of knots and defects. It treats well and can be used as a superior alternative to pine for fence rails, palings, decking, farm timber etc.

Poplar works well, has very little smell and will take a stain for added colour. It can also be profiled into panelling for a clean Scandinavian look. Please enquire if you are interested.

Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon)

Blackwood is a premium hardwood prized for its dark colour. It is an excellent furniture and flooring timber that machines well. A unique characteristic is the sharp contrast between the dark brown or black heartwood and almost white sapwood. This can be featured for interest, or heartwood only can be used.

Brown Barrel (Eucalyptus fastigata)

E. fastigata is an excellent hard wearing flooring timber that can also be used for joinery and furniture. Heartwood is predominantly pale brown with occasional purple flecks.

Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans)

This timber is sometimes marketed as Australian or Tasmanian Oak. It is another very good flooring timber, paler than Fastigata but will stain well if more colour is needed. It is also suitable for furniture, cabinet making, turnery, and panelling.


A durable and stable softwood suitable for exterior cladding and panelling.

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