Panelling is supplied in 85mm (cover) or 130mm and usually in 19mm thickness. We can supply 15mm thick panelling on request, but it is no cheaper and minimum quantities would apply.


85mm wide panelling = 12 lineal metres per square metre
130mm wide panelling = 8 lineal metres per square metre

We recommend adding at least 10% on top of that to allow for cutting unless we have supplied set lengths that will fit exactly. Note that there is a surcharge of 25% to supply to set length.


Generally the profile is TG&V both sides. This allows the best side to be selected during installation. T&G only or ship-lap profiles can be supplied but minimum quantities apply, and the species available will depend on our current stock situation.


We will pack and freight to your door to most parts of New Zealand.

85x19mm macrocarpa TGV panelling, No 1 grade

130x19mm redwood TGV panelling, No 2 grade

85x19mm poplar TGV panelling, knotty No 1 grade

85x19mm poplar panelling, clear grade

profile of TGV panelling

Panelling prices – $ per lineal metre, random length, ex yard, including GST

TGV 85 (cover) x 19mm thick

Knotty No 2 Knotty No 1 Clear
Poplar 3.80 4.50 6.00
Macrocarpa 4.40 5.30 8.20

TGV 130 (cover) x 19mm thick

Knotty No 2 Knotty No 1 Clear
Poplar 7.00 9.00
Macrocarpa 6.60 7.70 12.00
Redwood 6.00 7.00 9.50

Clear – almost all clear timber, occasional very small mark

Knotty No 1 – tight knot up to 1/3 of board width, some small tight black knot or bark inclusion

Knotty No 2 – larger tight and black knot, small holes, some insect marks or incomplete TGV

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