The life cycle of a forest: from seedling tree to valuable timber

Over 30 years ago, Richard Thompson planted some trees. He thoughtfully choose species with special properties: extraordinarily beautiful timber, or timber that was naturally durable even when used outside or in the ground. Now he’s harvesting the timber and contemplating how best to use it.

This is a special milestone for MacBlack’s owners: the first commercial quantities of boards are arriving in the timber yard from their own trees. Earlier this month, macrocarpa arrived from production thinning at Papaiti Forest (production thinning happens in advance of a main harvest. Some trees are removed to give those that remain more space and light so they can keep growing fast.)

Now, trees that provided shelter and shade to the old villa and orchards where they lived for 27 years, have been selectively harvested. Here’s the story in pictures.

And in the end? Here’s a couple of examples of blackwood joinery: stunning.

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